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Jesus Gathering DNA

What makes us...well us? What is it that informs all of the decisions we make? What guides us? How do we seek to live as individuals and as a fellowship? What's our unique contribution to the kingdom of God?

Jesus Centric

We desire Jesus at the center of EVERYTHING. When Jesus is at the center, flourishing can occur. We are actively pursuing making Jesus the center of:

  • Our Lives: we want Jesus to be more than just a priority in our lives. We want Jesus to be the CENTER of our lives. We want everything we do to be centered on and dependent upon Jesus.  

  • Our Gatherings: our gatherings are intentionally structured to focus on Jesus and not man.

  • Our Neighborhood: ​in order for our neighbors, neighborhoods, and cities to flourish, Jesus must be at the center. We pray and seek to be the answer to the prayer, "Your kingdom come, you will be done HERE as in heaven."


For this to occur, we are becoming mini-Christs (what the word Christian literally means). To become mini-Christs we: 

  • Abide with Jesus: the chief work of a disciple is to abide with Jesus. We must BE before we BECOME or DO. Abiding looks different for everyone. As a family, we help each other find our unique way of abiding with Jesus.

  • Root Ourselves in His Story (Scripture): 

  • Depend on the Holy Spirit:

  • Listen to and Obey His voice:

But it doesn't end there. As we become mini-Christs, we are sharing the life-changing love of Jesus so those around us can become mini-Christs and experience the flourishing they were created to experience.

Intentionally Simple

​For Christ to be the center of everything, we are intentionally simple in everything we do. Our gatherings are simple so that we can keep Jesus at the center of our gatherings. Our organizational structure is simple so we can focus on what's important, remain agile in an ever-changing world, and radically steward Kingdom resources.​


Radically Relational

​Everyone deserves to be SEEN, KNOWN, and LOVED. This is what it means to be radically relational. Being radically relational starts with radical hospitality, not just with each other but with everyone around us.

Sacrificial generosity is the next step in being radically relational. We seek to be generous with our time, energy, knowledge, and resources.​ We seek NOT to hoard the gifts and resources God has given us because we know they are meant to be given away.


​We believe that in order to flourish, we have to take off the masks that we have learned to wear and be authentic and vulnerable.​ Yes, it is scary to take off the masks we have worn for years, and yet we have found joy and freedom when we have been authentic and vulnerable with each other.

Priesthood of ALL Believers

​As mini-Christs, we have been placed on purpose (job, house, hobbies, etc) to be the presence of Christ (aka priests) to those around us, especially the LEAST, the LOST, and the LAST.

We also believe that no one person has special access to God; therefore, as we gather, we all are contributors, NOT consumers. There is space in our gatherings for all who want to contribute, kind of like a family potluck.

And because we are all priests, every calling is SACRED. Parenting is sacred. Plumbing is sacred. Sales is sacred. Being a neighbor is sacred. Everywhere we go has the potential to be a sacred space.​

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